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Below are links in orange to two videos of songs we performed in a recent concert.

The first features our ensemble, with legendary drummer,  Achyutan, who has performed with John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders and Charles Mingus, and bassist extraordinaire, Karen Horner, who has played jazz for many years and is a 30 year veteran of the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra; the second features us in our duet format (vocal and piano).

Full Ensemble performing Chick Corea's classic fusion song, Spain:

Duet performing Jacques Brel's  Ne Me Quitte Pas  (If you Go Away):

Audio Links

Oh dear Julie, You are a Star! It was sheer joy, love, sweetness, awe and again may I say love I felt for

you and the magnificence of your polished professional performance last night. I was so happy to be

there to hear you and you music accompaniment added to the magic of the evening. You radiated the

passion and love of singing and  performing and the energy in the room reflected the pleasure  your

audience felt for you. I do hope you will take the leap of faith required to take you to the level you de-

serve to be heard at whatever that may be. Sending you love and gratitude for the joy of knowing you,

hearing you and blessings that come with it all.   - Marion C.

  What People Have to Say About Juls & Dave and  their Ensemble...

Thank you for such a delicious, sumptuous feast - more than grand!  - Lisa W.

I thought the concert yesterday was a HUGE success! The four of you played beautifully together, you yourself sounded wonderful, Juls.  I loved your comments to the audience and the way you engaged the audience, and you expressed emotion deeply and beautifully in your songs. The energy you put out was great. Congratulations on all the work you put into this wonderful evening.   - Lea D.

The performance was warm, heart-felt and enchanting. Both my wife and I really enjoyed it.  T.D.


To hear what listeners have to say about our duet and larger ensemble please scroll down. 

Below you will find links to four audio recordings.

Juls painted the images that accompany each tune.

Juls & Dave Sounds of the Heart